Lonely LEGO Robot wants your attention! [WALLPAPER]

Lonely LEGO Robot wants your attention! [WALLPAPER]

Unique LEGO Robot photo wallpaper gallery just for you!

Do you know what is loneliness? Do you like to be lonely? Have you ever been lonely?

In old soviet resort ruins we’ve met a robot. A very lonely robot. He was lonely but he was very happy. You know why? Robot never thought about possibility not to be lonely. He has never imagined that there is something more than being lonely… Sound’s crazy yeah? But this is true.

Meet Harry! Harry is loneliest robot in all universe. But don’t get upset about that. That’s not you fault. And not his fault. That’s no one’s fault.

When Harry saw us at first he got frightened. After few minutes he got interested who we are. After 30 minutes Harry was sitting and speaking with us. Harry the lonely robot was so amazed when we told to him that loneliness is not a regular thing. We told him about friendship, relationship, love…

Harry was very happy when we took some pictures and told that people on the wide Internet will use his photos as desktop background and be friends with him in this way. We also promised that we will return to him.

So please feel free to take one of this LEGO Robot wallpapers and share them with friends. Harry wants to know you! Enjoy..!


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